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The versatility of legumes

Peas, beans, lentils, and peanuts are some of the more commonly known legumes we tend to eat on a regular basis. Full of nourishing protein, legumes are also high in fiber and are very versatile and delicious when added to meals. Legumes are tasty in soups, salads, steamed, or even pureed. Just think about some of your favorites - lentil soup, a bean salad, a side of steamed peas, refried beans, or even peanut butter - these are all legume-based foods.

At P.S. Scrumptious! we have a delicious vegan black-eyed pea recipe we love to cook especially during the fall and winter seasons, as it's so comforting to eat on chilly days. Our simple recipe begins with rinsing then boiling two cups of dried black-eyed peas with one cup of chopped yellow onion and cooking the peas and onion until they are tender. Add sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper to taste and a couple pinches of dried oregano and crushed red pepper and simmer an additional ten minutes. You'll have to give this recipe a try - enjoy!

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